I am a statistics PhD candidate in NUS, Singapore. I have a Masters degree in Computer Engineering where I worked on the topics of Data Compression, Recommender Systems and Machine Learning. My undergraduate degree is in Mathematical Engineering, where I was mainly interested in Computer Graphics.

This bit of history may look cryptic but it actually goes like this: in my last year of Mathematical Engineering training I had interest in Computer Graphics which was a result of my lifelong interest in Computer Games. As I was searching for a topic and supervisor for my Masters degree, I came upon the subject of 3D data compression. Surprisingly, the probabilistic aspects of data compression piqued my interest more than the 3D graphics aspect and I soon found myself reading on the theoretical issues of quantization and statistical signal processing. In the mean time, I had the chance to work on a project on recommender systems for social web and simultaneously on educational data mining. In spite of being a very interesting research subject, my research did not produce something interesting on educational data  mining but I had some nice results on the recommender systems project. This allowed me to focus on Data Mining and Machine Learning fields. These readings lead me to believe that I wanted and needed a more rigorous training on Statistics, which lead me to the Statistics department of NUS as a PhD candidate with a research scholarship. Thanks also go to TEV ( http://www.tev.org.tr/ ) for making this possible.

This blog is my “personal” blog. I have a research blog on: http://blog.nus.edu.sg/egealper/


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