Glad there exist good movies…

One can get many benefits out of a good movie, depending on its type and goal. But, for me, all good movies share one thing, that they all give me the feeling that there are so many smart people thinking about various aspects of life; and this is encouraging. One would think that this kind of feeling should be commonplace in a university; but it seems academic excellence does not directly translate to cultural excellence.

The movie that gave me this feeling again was a Danish film The Hunt. This movie does a good job in creating the setting and playing the plot that makes you question the basis of society. The essential theme is this: what seems like a clockwork solid rational social relationships (job, friends, lover, etc.) can fall apart in a whim and you get to return to the almost barebones of human behaviour. I guess the idea of a rational environment suddenly becoming a mess with inexplicable events is appealing to me. Sort of like the “I was only trying to make a call” short story of Sadik Hidayet, where the protagonist hitchhikes after a car breakdown, her new carries turns out to be transporting mentally ill to the asylum and in the destination she gets confused as one of them.. Maybe the effects of reading Kaan Arslanoglu too much? 

The last time I remember feeling like this was after a student theater: Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay played in NUS museum.


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